Monday, February 27, 2012

This is hell.

Why didn't I exit this place the second I pulled the trigger on Kevin?
Why did I come in here instead of running away when I saw my door open?
Why did I stay here longer than I should have?
Why did I come here in the first place?
Why couldn't Carol kill me when she was hunting me?
Why did I survive throwing myself off the second floor?
Why did I go into the woods that day?
Why, why, why why.

So many chances, so many chances i had to finish this. to have a normal death. Maybe not the happiest, but certainly better than this fucking hellhole. Why is he doing this to me? What have i done that the others havent? What does he want from me?

And the worst part is that no one is trying to help me. I'm now completely sure none of you people are reading this. I haven't heard from anyone in weeks. So this is is. I'm giving up. This blog is useless. I won't write anymore.

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