Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So... stuff.

Well, I did owe you an explanation for what happened with Carol. I'd been trying to postpone this. Not exaclt pleasant memories, you know? Still, I'll take my time and try to write this as calmly as possible.


I had to rent a motel room for the night. I do it every once in a while (I can't shower in my car, you know?). I don't like motels. Don't feel safe on them, couldn't tell you why. But I digress. I got showered and took inventory of my clothing, money, ammo, all that stuff.

I then realized I had forgotten  my cell phone in the car, so I went out to get it. Of course, as soon as I stepped out of my room, I saw a really familiar mask pop around the corner.

Hey Gargoyle, remember that wonderful suggestion you gave me? About trying to talk to her? I tried. She shot at me and nearly blew my head off. So yeah. No offense, but I won't be following your advice again... ever.

I made a run for the stairs. The only weapon I had on me at the moment was my knife, and I wasn't about to fucking LUNGE at her with it (She was like 10 feet away, chances are she would've killed me before I could even try). She, of course, followed. She took a couple of shots at me, missing every time . Carol is terrible with guns, but I knew that if we got to an open area, with no hiding spots, I was done for.

I decided to try and ambush her. I turned around a corner and waited. As soon as she turned, I hit her in the face with all of my strength. She dropped the gun. I kept punching until she was on the ground. Then I started kicking. I didn't stop until I was sure she wasn't getting back up.

You already know what happened after that. I took the mask off just to discover Carol's face, covered with blood. I panicked. I picked up the gun, went to my room, grabbed my stuff and ran away.

So yeah...

Until the next time.


  1. Stealth and ambush are the best techniques. You made a good decision. Be more wary of Carol now, use what you know to your advantage. Good luck, though I pray you will not need it.

  2. Aww... Well, probably would have been better to try talking to her BEFORE she was armed with a gun, but... yeeeah, was worth a shot. Some of them LIKE to talk.

    But sounds like you made it out okay, she's less well armed again, you learned something, and you didn't kill her. So you did pretty well on your own. Do what works best for you is still the best advice I hear...