Monday, February 20, 2012


It's the 30th day since food ran out.

My head pounds, my stomach feels like its trying to kill me, my eyes are burning, walking is hell and not doing anything just reminds me of how hungry I am and how much my muscles hurt.

And yet I can still think straight, walk, move (clumsily and weakly, but move) and I havent passed out a single time since I got here. The only signal that I havent eaten in weeks being the horrible pain I feel all over my body... And the fact that I look like a walking fucking skeleton.

It's clear now that this is Slenny's work. I don't know how, but he's keeping me alive. He's not gonna let me die that easily. Not now...

And to make matters even worse, it seems like the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD just decided to forget about me. No emails, no comments, no responses. Actually, I havent seen anyone post anything since

How fucking stupid am I?

Of course Im not hearing back from anybody. He doesnt want me to. How can I even be sure people are even getting to read this? I FUCKING CANT.

But what am I supposed to do? Stop writing? I can't do that either. This blog is my last chance of contacting someone on the outside. And if this thing has a shot... as slim as it might be... I have to keep trying.

I've already posted my address. You know where I am. Please, come help me.


  1. February 20th 2012 (though if you manage to see the comment it should show the actual date I suppose)
    If he wants to keep you alive then you will survive this. If not, well I doubt you'd be alive right now if he didn't now would you?

    1. He's caught in a loop. Even though the post date says otherwise, this message is coming to us from what I can only imagine is around two to three weeks from now. He probably won't be able to receive any replies to this on his end until our timeline catches up with his and at this rate that will take FAR too long. Only other way is for him to break out of the loop... or for someone to bust him out of it. Is there anybody local enough to actually attempt that?

    2. Nope, looks like he'll have to do it through sheer willpower, COME ON NORTH, YOU CAN DO IT heehee (:

  2. This is concerning. Maybe I should try to help. I do not have experince with "loops," but perheaps I can still find some way to assist. I will try to locate and assist you if I can. I must make some arrangements.