Thursday, February 16, 2012


According to my laptop, it's the 10th day I've been trapped here.

Food ran out yesterday.

I managed to make food last way longer than it should have by eating as little as I could without passing out, but even that way my supplies were bound to run out sometime soon. I've tried drinking water to calm my hunger, but it just makes me feel worse. How I'm still able to get up and type this escapes me. Maybe my body just got used to not getting a lot of nutrients during the last couple of days? Yeah, that sounds about right.

I should probably get some sleep. The more I rest, the less energy I'm wasting. I'll try and update you sometime soon.

PD: Can anyone please drop a comment or something? I'd feel wait better if I knew someone out there knew what's happening, and the lack of contact during the last two weeks is making me nervous...


  1. It's currently the 16th or 17th here. I believe you went in on the 11th or 12th. It will be painful but you should be able to last a while without food if youve been eating well before this.

    It might be wasted effort but try looking around the room for something that doesnt add up or fit in with the rest. This includes objects and the room itself(walls, floor, corners, etc.) Hopefully not everything will be exactly the same.

  2. Hey North, you should sing yourself a lullaby, it might help ease the nerves or you might discover your beautiful singing voice