Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is bad...

Sonia is dead. A bunch of hunters found her body in the woods today. I couldn't keep the news from my sister any longer. She heard about it yesterday, and she hasn't come out of her room ever since.

I heard... I heard her body was gutted out. Like the animals. For Gods sake, who would do something like that to a little girl?

Even worse, a group of hunters got attacked today. Six men went out to the woods hopping too kill a deer, just four came back, and they didn't look to well. They were covered in bumps and bruises, three of them don't remember what happened and the fourth one is in a coma. The police have been searching during two full days, but they can't find the missing hunters.

At my school things have been tense. It has become pretty obvious these are no longer coincidences. Someone... or something... is killing these people. Someone burned down those houses and sent those packages. And we have no idea who did it.

The worse part is by far when people try to joke about it as if it still were no big deal. Yesterday a kid suggested the maybe this was all a viral marketing scheme for"Friday the 13th the,14th part" and some other as*hole said this was the work of "Slenderman".

So, yeah. That's been going on. Carol and Kevin are nervous as crap. They think because they received the black boxes whatever it is that is killing these people might go after them. I've been trying my best to calm them down. I've been trying my best to calm everybody down. I'm usually the one that stays cool when this kind of things happen. The one that at the end laughs at everybody for making such a big deal out of small problems. But now...

God. I should just get some sleep.

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