Monday, November 21, 2011

Shit is going down.

There is just so many things...

Okay, I guess I should start with the most important thing: I'm not North. North is going fucking berserker somewhere in the woods right now. My name... I guess you can call me Kevin. That's how North calls me in the blog. Not my real name, but I guess he changed it for privacy sake...

Fuck, writing is a bastard. How does he do it?

Okay, I should just go straight to the facts. Yesterday after spending the afternoon at my house, North invited me over to his place for dinner. It was about 6:00PM, him and I are just hanging out at his room, when we hear glass breaking. We run downstairs to the kitchen, to find shattered glass everywhere and Norths dad bleeding in the floor. Apparently some fucking asshole criminal just decided to throw a rock at him trough the window.

North's mom was helping her husband, and I was just standing there looking like a dumbass, when I noticed North was no longer besides me. I look out the broken window, and I see North running into the woods, a rifle in hand. My only guess is he saw the douchebag that threw the rock and decided to chase after him.

After we made sure North's dad was better, his mom and I looked for North in the woods. At about 10:00PM we decided to call the police. I went back home and found he had left his laptop at my room. I started browsing trough Norths files (Just cuz I'm THAT nosy...) and found the address and password of this blog.

Today I woke up and phoned him to see if everything was okay. His mom answered. As it turns out the cops haven't been able to find him. His mom sounded hysterical. I tried to calm her down, but I don't think I did that good of a job.

I just thought I might as well write all of this down and let you guys know what happened. I'll try and post when we find North.

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