Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dead Animals?

Something horrible happened yesterday to a good friend of mine. Her name is Carol. She's a really nice girl, kind and smart. I've known her since we were on elementary school, I'm sure that you'll end up hearing a lot about her, as I see her every day.

Anyway. We're both walking back from school, talking about movies. Once we get to her house, she points out a black package that was left in her entrance. It had no stamps and no cards on it. I offered my pocket knife to open it. She opened the package right there on the entrance to her house.
 I didn't see what was in the package at the beginning, I just saw her drop the box, fall to the floor, and crawl away screaming. I helped get back up, and tried to comfort her. Asked what was in the package.

"There is a dead animal in there!" She said sobbing.

At the beginning I thought it was just a joke. Carol was just messing with me. Either that or there was some fake dead animal on the box, and someone was just pulling off a sick prank on her. I wish it had just been a prank. I looked into the package, and that was a dead rabbit if I've ever seen one. It was... disgusting. I would really rather not describe it, it sickens me just to remember it...

I walked Carol back in the house and called her parents (They were out eating with some friends, I think...). They arrived about 10 minutes latter. I stayed with her a little longer, trying to make her feel better. When I thought there was nothing else I could do, I left and went home.

This just sickens me! Why would someone like that do something like that to Carol?

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