Thursday, January 26, 2012

That freaking proxy almost killed me. She caught me by surprise while I was going back to my car.  I tried to shoot her foot, but stumbled while dodging her and dropped my gun. Then I punched her in the stomach and made the run for my car. I got lucky and got there before

Shit, I just realized. I left my gun there.

Great. Now my proxy has firepower...

Moving again. I'll try and post soon.


  1. People should really start putting their weapons on bungee cords....

    ...I should really stop making Supernatural references...

    But yeah, you're probably going to need to deal with your stalker a little more directly. Running from people seems to be a tad harder to do than running from the Construct... Humans see through each others tricks a lot easier.

  2. You can never make enough supernatural references

    And aiming for the foot? I can understand if you dont want to kill her but as long as its not the head or heart (maybe lungs too) then she should be fine. Proxies tend to recover from pretty bad injuries without too much trouble.

  3. @The Gargoyle:
    If by dealing with her more directly you mean killing her... then no. I just can't. Running has to do for now

    Hey, as long as it stops her, why does it matter?

  4. Then hit her with a rock and tie her up somewhere.... I don't know. XD I'm mostly just saying you need to confront the problem. How you go about it is up to you. Doesn't have to be killing her. But you've yet to even talk to her, correct? So apart that she's stalking and trying to kill you apparently, you don't know much. Might be more to this than you realize... worth checking into.