Monday, January 9, 2012

Power in the numbers.

Slenderman just doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't he want for many people to see him? It just doesn't add up. If he does feed of our belief and fear, why wouldn't he just reveal himself in public so more people would fear him? And if he doesn't (Which I'm pretty sure he doesn't), why would he keep hidden? And why would he kill people that know about him?

...What if he's scared?

Maybe he knows that if he lets us live long enough, we'll spread the word. People will know about him and they'll want to kill him. Maybe he knows that if enough people attack him at the same time, he won't be able to defend himself. Doesn't that make sense? He might be stronger than us as individuals, but if we all come together we are bound to overcome him!

Now, I'm not saying that we should just gather up 50 Runners and charge at him, but if we attack with one organized, well thought and strong blow, we might stand a chance in combat. Hit him when he's the weakest (Maybe the next solstice? That'll give enough some time) with as much manpower as we can get.

There is a lot of planning to do... But I think we might actually have a shot with this plan.
Tell me what you think, and if you have any suggestions or information, I would rather appreciate it.


  1. Every person special.

    Every person different.

    Levels of perception different, and vision filtered.

    When veil is lifted, the filter gone, then Farstrider arrives.

    The more public knows, more the world burns.

  2. I dont know a lot about it to be honest but I've been hearing about some runners that attempted an all out simultaneous blow to it. It didnt seem to end very well. That isn't saying that it couldnt work though.

    1. Maybe you could give me some details? or a link to a blogpost? I'd like to examine what they did wrong so I won't repeat the same mistakes.

  3. Damn it's hard to find refrences to it anymore xD here is one that mentions it though. Still looking for more.

    "A year ago today, an ordinary man convinced many, many people to join him on an extraordinary undertaking. Those people were afraid, more terrified then they'd been in their lives, but they knew that he was just as afraid as they were, and they followed him because they knew he was one of them. Not some prophicized hero come to do what no one else could. Not a legend come to life. Certainly no one with a destiny. He merely had an idea, and he executed it, like anyone with simple courage would have done.

    Whatever happened that night, one year ago, Zero was wrong. It wasn't meaningless. Maybe the combined will of the people actually had an impact, and maybe it didn't. Maybe what I saw a month and a half ago was something else entirely. But that doesn't change the impact that sudden, unquestionable unity had on everyone who, until then, was floundering helplessly, alone, in the dark. And even the slightest possibility that it wasn't just that, that it was something more... well, damned if it doesn't give me just the teeniest bit of hope."

    1. Thanks for the help. So maybe he CAN be wounded. I'll look up into this.