Sunday, January 1, 2012

So, holidays came and went without me noticing...
...Seriously, I didn't notice... I completely forgot about Christmas until I read Shaun's Blog. I was way too distracted reading up on Slenderman . The bastard is even more complex than I thought. The path of black leaves, the different kinds of proxies (there's people that follow him BY WILL?), magic powers, government agencies...

So, after all I read trough, I still have two questions:
What exactly IS Slenderman? And why is he trying to kill us?

There's all sorts of theories on what he is, but I haven't found anything final yet. This is what I've read, reduced into four simple ideas:
-A freak from nature.
-A demonic entity.
-A science experiment gone wrong
-A being from other dimension
Now, I would like to discard the "Demonic Entity" theory right now. From what I've read, religious symbols and artifacts have no effect on him. Which means that even if he WAS a demon his nature wouldn't help us fight him.
I'm not sure about the science experiment either. Yes, the human race has done some horrible things, but Slenderman is far worse than any of them (If you've actually seen him, you won't try to argue).
I'm going with being from another dimension. I mean, we DO know about The Path Of Black Leaves. Now, we don't know anything about The Path itself other than... it exists (people who try to explore it usually don't come back).
This also brings up a couple of  interesting questions: When was Slenderman created and how long can he live? I mean, logic dictates that he can't live forever... of course, I'm implying that logic actually applies to Slenderman. I'm also implying that he's a living organism. Wikipedia defines organism as "any contiguous living system. All organisms are capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development, and maintenance of homoeostasis as a stable whole." 
We know Slender responds to stimuli, but we can't quiet be sure of the rest...

Why he tries to kill us...This question just confuses me on every level. At first I thought he killed because he fed on us, but in that case why would he only go after people that know about him? And why would he bother stalking and chasing someone for months, or even YEARS if he only wants them for lunch?

A popular theory is that he doesn't want people to know he exists, so he kills them. That way they won't spread the word. This... kinda makes sense? I don't see why Slendy would wanna keep hidden.... unless he's afraid of  being attacked by too many people... which would mean that he's actually scared of us in a way... but I'm jumping to conclusions now. This would also imply that the Tulpa Theory (Here) is wrong. If it were right, Slendy would want for as many people to know about Him as he could.  I don't believe in Tulpa Theory anyways. Human belief CAN'T summon something into existence, okay? There is MILLIONS of kids that STRONGLY believe Santa Claus is real, but that doesn't make him real, does it? So no. Tulpa Theory it's stupid and makes no sense. There. I said it.

Well, wasn't that a rant? I'm sorry for the ultra long post, I just had to share my conclusions. I hope this helps someone figuring out how to defeat this thing. For now I have to catch some sleep.

Until the next time.

P.S. Sorry for the grammar. I'm tired. Haven't slept in days and my head is killing me. I'm actually glad we didn't met up Erin. If we had, I would've been in a pissy mood 24/7.

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  1. Hm, well, as someone else researching this mess, let me see if I can help a little... keyword "little."

    Definitely not a "Demonic Entity," in the religious sense, for the reasons you stated. And I've never heard of any instances of it being referred to as a "Science Experiment Gone Wrong," so... think that's pretty safely debunked. So by process of elimination, yeah, "From Another Dimension" is probably your best call... How it got into our Dimension? Thaaat's the real question. The Path is a possible answer, but then we don't know how that got here either so... back where we started.

    Why he kills us is probably the million dollar question. Even the people working for him (willingly or not) don't seem to have a good explanation for that(they seem content to just roll with it because it keeps them off the menu). The idea that he feeds off our fear of him was going theory for a while, so maybe he does that until he's used up a victim and then kills them to frighten the rest of us. Start new from there...? Best guess I could give you.

    Wouldn't be surprised if your other theory holds some weight too. A dragon is a powerful creature, but even a meager rat could devour it if it and it's kind attacked as a legion. Strength in numbers and all that. 1 Vs 7 Billion sound like good odds to you? Yeah, he'd prefer to remain unnoticed in the shadows...

  2. It's obviously a Faerie Mr North, you should ask it the next time you see it OH and tell him To come visit me, I have a Christmas pressie for him (:

  3. @Gargoyle but then again, if he feeds on our fears, why doesn't he just walk out in public in broad daylight?

    @Aaron You're not dead yet?

  4. I have two good responses to that.
    1) He Does. There have been numerous reports of him appearing in public places, amongst scores of individuals, and everyone passes him by as though he isn't even there.

    But you're suggesting he do so and actually let himself be perceived by all, so...
    2) He's afraid of us. Once again, power in numbers. He's safer in his work keeping himself concealed from the general public, separating his prey from the pack, then striking when they're most vulnerable and alone.