Monday, December 5, 2011

Still nothing.

North is slightly better. He at least eats and drinks now. He still won't talk. We haven't brought up his family yet. We fear he might fall into shock again. Carol has been talking to him all day, as in trying to calm him down and make him speak. He just won't budge. I have to give that to the kid, he's persistent...

I've read a bunch of these so called "slenderblog" and all of them agree on one thing: If this shit is real, North has to run... which means he's fucked. North can't do shit as he is right now, forget about driving away trying to outrun an internet meme! Is there no other solution? Like... some shield shit we can use on North?

Look at me. Now I'm talking like I fully believe in this shit. Like a tall man is gonna come and attack North in his sleep...

Fuck. The cops wanna talk to North. They're asking us to leave.
Carol is trying to talk to them.
Okay, they pretty much threw us off the room. Carol is telling me to shut down the fucking laptop. Jesus woman, I will, leave me alone.

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